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Support and promotion of the local administrations to avoid the fragmentation caused by the routing of large communication infrastructures in the region of Girona Jaume Hidalgo i Colomer
An initiative to increase knowledge exchange and promote best practices between the stakeholders involved in transport and biodiversity issues Georgina Álvarez, Carme Rosell, Ferran Navàs
Initial steps in the design of compensation measures for habitat and landscape effects of road construction Ana Villarroya, Jordi Puig
Transalpine Transport Architects (TRANSITECTS) Mattias Wagner
Can we use road-kill data set to enhance our knowledge about the spatial distribution of ungulate species? Víctor Javier Colino Rabanal, Salvador José Peris Álvarez, Miguel Lizana Avia
Risk and deterministic factors effecting bear train collisions along the Canadian Pacific Railroad Benjamin Dorsey
Roadkilling wildlife in southern Spanish oak woodlands Juan D. Delgado, Natalia Arroyo, Jorge Durán, Alexandra Rodríguez, Antonio Rosal, Valle Palenzuela, Jesús R. Sánchez
Wildlife mortality in Mediterranean coastal wetlands (east Spain) García Suikkanen, C.; Vera, P.; Hernández, C.; Gielen , E.; Benedito, V.; Rosell, C.; Navàs, F.: Carol, J.; Fernández Bou, M.; Romero de Tejada, S.
Optimization of sampling effort on species diversity and road-kills in southern Brazil García Suikkanen, C., Remolar, A.,Vera, P., Hernández, C., Gielen , E., Benedito, V.
Birds and highway: effects on species diversity and road-kills in southern Brazil Alex Bager, Clarissa Alves da Rosa, Gustavo Ferreira de Brito, Thálita de Resende Cardoso,  Ana Carolina Maia, André Luis Pracucci Gomes dos Santos
Index ranking of priority sites for mitigation of wildlife road-kill Alex Bager, Clarissa Alves da Rosa
Effect of sampling effort on estimated richness of road-killed vertebrate wildlife Alex Bager, Clarissa Alves da Rosa
Road mortality of amphibians in western Ukraine (Lviv Province) Ostap Reshetylo, Taras Mykitchak
Roadkills and the dynamics of the faunal casualties in Battonya town (SE Hungary) András István Csathó, András János Csathó
Effects of the construction of a high-speed railway on the distribution and home range of the stone martens (Martes foina) in Cuenca (Spain) Esther Juárez, Francisco J. García, MGS Colomer, Francisco Suárez
Impacts of a highway construction on great bustards threatened population: threshold distances and effects on population dynamics Aurora Torres, Carlos Palacín, Juan C. Alonso, Javier Seoane
Ecological considerations for the management of non-native invasive species during the maintenance and operation of national road schemes in Ireland Thompson, R., Dolan, L. M. J., Emmerson, M., Dauber, J., Stout, J., Whelan, P.M.
Space use by Brown bear (Ursus Arctos) in relation to noise during and after Egnatia highway construction activities in Pindos mountain range Alexios Giannakopoulos, Triantafyllos Akriotis, Yorgos Mertzanis, Athanassios Tragos, Konstantinos Godes, Vasilios Dalamagas, Nikolaos Karameros
Mortality and habitat fragmentation from wind farm development Joris Everaert
Quantifying the effects of wildlife crossing structures on the population viability of arboreal mammals Kylie Soanes, Rodney van der Ree
Factors influencing design, location and function of ecoducts Jan Pěnčík, Marek Foglar
Adjustable groundwater level on overpasses to benefit amphibians Anne Martine Kruidering
The usual approach to ecological bridges design and construction and its possible innovation Marek Foglar, Vladimir Kristek
Methods of accelerated design of ecological overbridges Marek Foglar, Vladimir Kristek
An overpass for amphibians – does it work? Edgar A. van der Grift, Fabrice Ottburg, Robbert Snep
Improving toad tunnel efficiency at Parassapuszta, Hungary: inappropriate design and construction could partly be counter-balanced by maintenance Miklós Puky, Timea Mechura, Dorottya Gémesi, Gergely Szövényi
Brown bear crossings along Egnatia Highway in Northern Greece Αlexios Giannakopoulos et al
Habitat fragmentation due to transportation infrastructure: the state of the art in Italy Marco Dinetti
Modelling the effect of roads on Moor frog metapopulations Maj-Britt Pontoppidan, Gösta Nachman
Ecological impacts of transportation network on wildlife, key biodiversity areas and protected areas of Turkey Semiha Demirbaş Çağlayan, Özgün Emre, Nilgül Karadeniz, Eray Çağlayan
Roads and fragmentation of wild reindeer habitat in Norway: Consequences of the development of infrastructures for conservation Manuela Panzacchi, Bram Van Moorter, Roy Andersen, Tobias Falldorf, Olav Strand
Effects of the Transylvanian motorway on droving of livestock J-O Helldin, Ciprian Corpade
Migration corridors for large mammals in the Czech Republic and their linkages to neighbouring states Hlaváč, V., Mináriková, T., Strnad, M., Anděl, P., Gorčicová, I., Andreas, M., Romportl, D. and Bláhová, A.
Habitat suitability models as a tool for designing wildlife corridors in the Czech Republic; synthesis of two different approaches Dušan Romportl, Eva Vávrová, Tomas Chuman, Michal Andreas, Luděk Bufka, Martin Strnad
From Patchwork to Network. Results peer exchange
De-Fragmentation inside ECONAT
Hans Bekker
Gap analysis in road permeability – towards a mitigation action plan for wildlife Andreas Seiler, Mattias Olsson, J-O Helldin, Mats Lindqvist, Anders Sjölund
Strategic solutions for defragmentation of a very dense area Anne Martine Kruidering
Roadside vegetation in Mediterranean wetlands: defragmentating or increasing mortality of birds? Management implications Vera, P. Remolar, A. García Suikkanen, C., Hernández, C., Gielen , E., Benedito, V.
Study on some insect groups on Hungarian highways in relation to climate changes Ferenc Kozár, Zsuzsanna Konczné Benedicty
Fragments of steppe vegetation in roadsides and railway verges in the Great Hungarian Plain András István Csathó

How contribute the service areas on Polish motorways to the diversity of flora and vegetation? Maria Wojterska
Ecological highway development in the area of Piacenza, Cremona and Brescia Francesco Acerbi, Marcello Pilla
Long time monitoring of biodiversity on D4707 motorway Jaroslav Žák, Mojmír Foral, Jan Mayer, Jan Pěnčík, Marek Foglar, Radomír Bocek
Species at risk in Ontario, Canada: habitat fragmentation,
a threat to survival
Barbara Slezak
When fencing and translocation is the right measure to prevent road-related amphibian decline: mass migration of Lissotriton and Triturus newts at Lake Kapszeg Zoltán Blaskovits, Miklós Puky
Wetland creation and restoration near the Bothnia Line railroad – a pioneer project in ecological compensation for northern migrant birds Niklas Lindberg, Anders Enetjärn
Living in the road vicinity – unique habitat of Zamenis longissimus in the Ohře River Valley, the Czech Republic Musilová Radka, Janoušek Karel, Zavadil Vít
Effects of installing amphibian tunnels and amphibian fence on roads in Poland and Denmark. Lars Briggs
Monitoring the effect of a screen installed to mitigate the impact of a high speed railway on bats Carles Flaquer, Marc Fernández-Bou, Carme Rosell, Rosa María Mata, José Miguel Siller, Ruth García-Ràfols
Highway fencing and moose migrations in northern Sweden J-O Helldin, Andreas Seiler, Per Widén, Mattias Olsson, Owe Geibrink
Efficiency of odour repellents on free ranging red deer (Cervus elaphus) and roe deer (Capreolus capreolus): a field test Morten Elmeros, Jens K. Winbladh, Poul N. Andersen, Aksel Bo Madsen, Jens T. Christensen
Patterns of mammals mortality on main roads in the Northwestern Poland Robert W. Mysłajek, Sabina Nowak
Importance of landscape connectivity for wolf and lynx in Bulgaria Diana Zlatanova, Alexander Dutsov, Kostadin Valchev
Migration corridors for large carnivores in the West Carpathians, Czech Republic – current threats and conservation activities Miroslav Kutal, Tomáš Krajča, Michal Bojda, Martin Janča


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