Workshop: Database on fauna passages


IENE project: Interactive geo-database on Fauna passages

Javier del Real (1) and Andreas Seiler (2)

1) Dpt. of Environmental Engineering, Saitec, Spain;
2) Dept. of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Over the past three decades, a considerable number of fauna passages, i.e. green bridges, ecoducts, wildlife overpasses, tunnels, etc, has been built across Europe. Only some of these technical measures have been monitored for their usage by wildlife, and experiences on passage efficacy give a diffuse picture that highlights the significance of environmental factors over the bare design.

Engineers and planners rightfully question the recommendations made by ecologists, partly because of economic constraints that require more cost-efficient solutions, but partly also because they are not yet familiar with these kinds of measures. Here, the exchange of knowledge and experience would not only be inspiring and promoting, it is far more a key necessity in the adaptive development in fauna provisions and should be an imperative for expensive investments such as ecoducts. At present, however, there is no concerted and easy way to access international knowledge about fauna passages.

IENE intends to change this by developing an interactive, Wikipedia-like, geo-referenced database on fauna passages that combines the ease of well established and ready-to-use web tools such as Google maps with detailed and validated technical information, including pictures and references. This database and its web-interface shall be maintained by the IENE secretariat in collaboration with a network of editors who help to upload and validate information.

During this workshop, we will present the database application in its present state of development, discuss details and kind of data that can be made available, and begin to establish the editorial network of national experts.

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