Workshops: Railroads


Rail and road

Chair: Malin Andersson, SE. Swedish Transport Administration, Göteborg.

This workshop aims at identifying differences and similarities in the knowledge about impacts from rail- and road infrastructure and traffic, identify needs for research, practical knowledge, organisation and policymaking.

The workshop will be divided into 4 discussion groups that discuss the same questions, but from 4 different perspectives, relating to Michael Below’s plenary talk.

Perspectives / Groups

  1. Areas along the track / habitats inside infrastructure (maintenance / land use)
  2. Barriers / fragmentation
  3. Mortality due to infrastructure and traffic
  4. Noise disturbance

Questions, session 1

  1. What knowledge is urgently needed to deal with the impact related to the perspective of your group?
  2. Where and to what degree can data and knowledge obtained in the road sector be transferred and used in the rail sector?
  3. How can we integrate science in infrastructure construction projects – and how can practise influence science?
  4. Prepare a short summary

Questions, session 2

  1. Roads and railways are often situated closely together. Is this rather a problem or a possibility with respect to the environmental impact, to transport organisations and policies?
  2. Rail and road infrastructure can, in some ways, have beneficial effects on biodiversity. Which are the next most important steps to develop these possibilities?
  3. As high speed railway networks expand, we must learn to address environmental issues at broader scales than before. How can we best operate at regional and supra-regional scale?
  4. Prepare a short summary

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