Field trip

The 350 km mid-conference excursion takes participants to the newest motorway of Europe. M6 (E73) is part of a planned international corridor connecting the Baltic and the Adriatic Sea. The visited stretch spans over a landscape dominated by the River Danube. Practical measures, e.g. deer grids, wildlife warning reflectors, an amphibian tunnel as well as game bridges are shown during the tour.Field-trip-game-bridge

A special visit is planned to the locality, where the motorway crosses a Natura 2000 site. NG0 and national park activities are introduced during a visit of an abandoned Danube arm surrounded by roads and railroads. In the afternoon short presentations are given on the planning, construction and functioning of the motorway. The whole day excursion finishes with a touch of local traditions in an internationally renowned winery.
winyard inside winery

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