Fumihiro Hara

Plenary session:

Transport Ecology in Japan and Asia

Fumihiro Hara

Director, Regional Policy Research Lab.
Hokkaido Development Engineering Center
#11, Minami 1 jo, Higashi 2 cho-me, Chuo-ku,
Sapporo, 060-005, Japan
Tel:+81-11-271-3022 Fax:+81-11-271-5366

Wildlife-vehicle collisions are of growing concern in Asia, as it is already in Europe and North America. I will report the current state of wildlife-vehicle collisions and the efforts to prevent such collisions in Japan, China and Korea. The outline of the report follows.

  1. The state of wildlife-vehicle collisions by region, wildlife type and accident cause in Japan.
  2. The analysis using GIS of vegetation and landscape features as factors contributing to deer-vehicle collisions which are rapidly increasing in Hokkaido, the northern most island of Japan.
  3. Measures that have been implemented in Hokkaido to prevent deer-vehicle collisions and their effectiveness.
  4. The state of rare animal-vehicle collisions and efforts to reduce such accidents in Japan through literature research and the hearing from rare animal-vehicle collision experts. The rare animals include black rabbits, iriomote wild cats and okinawa rails.
  5. The state of animal-vehicle collisions and collision prevention efforts in China and Korea through literature research. The prevention efforts include those made in the occasion of Qinghai highland railway construction.

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