Children’s competition

With the growing need for interaction between road ecologists, engineers, decision-makers and the general public, i.e. tax-payers covering the costs of all de-fragmentation measures, organisers of the 2010 IENE conference decided to launch a special education campaign related to the meeting.

The “On dangerous roads” campaign has lasted for a year and had several forms. A related information campaign about linear infrastructure issues in the form of talks, special programmes (e.g. on the International Day of Biodiversity) and broadcasts were carried in Hungary with the general public as the main target group. Parallel with those activities a competition was organised for children. They could express their opinion about these issues in the form of drawings, sculptures, etc. The best examples of their work are presented at the 2010 IENE conference to remind all participants what the future generation wants us to achieve.

More than 180 drawings and other items were sent in from 11 counties and the capital of Budapest. The winners and runners up were selected in three categories at the end of August, 2010, and they were exhibited in the Institute of Ecology and Botany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for three weeks in September. Also, they are part of the IENE2010 conference to help all participants remember how important their work is and that future generations are really interested in improving connections for wildlife over linear infrastructure.

The winners of the competition will be invited to the IENE meeting where their prizes are presented during the morning session on 28th September by, among others,  the chair of IENE, the chair of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Hungarian Parliament and a former secretary-general of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Winning contributions

IENE proudly presents the winning contributions
(click names to see enlarged pictures):

Children competition winners:

First runners up:

Second runners up:

  • 4-6 years: Herenik Petra, Vác
  • 7-10 years: Hegedűs Henrietta, Zákányszék
  • 11-14 years: Nyúl Zsófia, Soltvadkert & Patyik Hanna, Röszke

Special awards:

  • Balogh Blanka, Kocsis Rebeka, Menyhárt Maja, Kismarjai Márton, Lészkai Ádám Zsolt, Takács Dániel, Fót
  • Csohány Roland, Hári Boglárka, Lits Ágoston, Csór
  • Mika Zoltán, Abaújszántó
  • Takács Márton, Abaújszántó
  • Deák Bence, Nagy Veronika, Gora Evelin, Pasztuhov István, Kovács Mónika, Kolonics Fanni, Ásotthalom

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