Pre-programme excursion

The 4,5 hour trip visits the conservation highlights of the M7 motorway (This road connects Budapest, the 2.25 million Hungarian capital, with Lake Velence, Lake Balaton, Slovenia and Croatia.).


The tour focuses on mitigation measures in the Balaton area including a 1,872 m and a 300 m bridge providing terrestrial as well as aquatic connections between the two sides of the motorway. The latter is also a good locality for the introduction of another critical conservation element, the runoff water treatment system, as its structure is clearly visible at that site. Other stops are also planned at different mitigation measures such as game bridges and amphibian tunnel systems.


Besides the professional programme, this tour also gives a good overview on the southern Transdanubian landscape along Lake Balaton. Participants will come back to Velence, the meeting venue, from their appr. 230 km journey before the welcome reception starts in the evening.

As the programme is very tight, the buses leave exactly at 14:30 from the Hotel Juventus. Please, make sure to be in time at the reception of the hotel.


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