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Plenary sessions


Transport infrastructure planning in Europe Tony Sangwine
Highspeed railways and nature conservation: a growing challenge or an opportunity? Michael Below
Mitigating road effects on wildlife populations: why we know less than we think we know Lenore Fahrig
Transport ecology in North America Paul J. Wagner
Transport ecology in Japan and Asia Fumihiro Hara

Lecture sessions


Opening ceremony István Láng, Honorary Chair of the National Council for Environmental Protection, Hungary
Policy and planning Lars Nilsson, SE; Tony Sangwine, UK
EIA and SEA Johan Lammerant, BE; Malin Andersson, SE
Road mortality and barrier impacts Antonio Mira, PT; Marco Dinetti, IT; Marguerite Trocmé, CH
Disturbance, pollution and invasion Lisa Dolan, IE; J-O Helldin, SE
Transport corridors as habitat Peter Spooner, AUS; Sofia Gylje, SE
Fragmentation and landscape Jochen Jaeger, CA; Andreas Seiler, SE
Case studies; mitigation and monitoring Anders Sjölund, SE; J-O Helldin, SE
Fauna passages and their efficacy Miklós Puky, HU; Edgar van der Grift, NL
Fences and animal detection systems Marcel Hujiser, USA; Mattias Olsson, SE
Ecological networks and corridors as tools for defragmentation Marita Böttcher, DE; Ruben Huele, NL
Defragmentation approaches for existing transport networks Carme Rosell, ES; Edgar van der Grift, NL
Fences and animal detection systems Marcel Huijser, USA; Mattias Olsson, SE



CEDR task 7 Wildlife and Traffic – Gaps in COST 341 Handbook » Hans Bekker, NL; Birgitte Henriksen, DK
CEDR task 7 Wildlife and Traffic – Efficient institutional systems » Lars Nilsson, SE; Birgitte Henriksen, DK
Rail and Road » Malin Andersson, SE
Ecological connectivity – Towards a Framework for Understanding Network Nature » Ruben Huele, NL; Hans Bekker, NL; Helias A. Udo de Haes, NL
Fragmentation – Measures and indicators » Jochen Jaeger, CAN  (part 1;  part 2)
IENE project: Interactive geo-database on Fauna passages » Javier del Real (ES), Andreas Seiler (SE)

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